Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Astaghfirullah !

Press the play button (stop the mixpod's song first!)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This my second entry for this month and I'd once promised to myself that I will update this blog once every two weeks but you have to understand the life of a medical student. Time is one thing that we don't have or rather wasted it. Indeed, time went very fast and for your information , I'm now on a two weeks holiday (mid-sem break). Yea forget to put "__" on the holiday because this "holiday" not really a holiday since got plenty of assignment need to be done. But the great things about holiday is being able to spent time with my love one that is my family of course.

The first part of the second semester had already come to end. Many things had happened during that time and it had gives me ample of lessons. Astaghfirullah~ The test you had given to me is indeed a reminder. Thus, for the second part of this semester and upcoming one, I vow to myself to study harder , to become a better person , reduce my social networking time , and of course update this blog more often.  Ya Allah, give me your Hidayah , guide me through this course and my life.

List of things to be change :

1. Gain more knowledge about Islam.

2. Good attitude towards others.

3. Social networking (only blog will be active after this).

4. To not wasting time unnecessarily.

5. To achieve an "A" for this semester final exam.

p/s : Do pray for my success in this world and hereafter :')


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Arif Sahimin said...

insyaAllah i will try my best to help u my friend.. =)


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