Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time to change. . .

Assalamualaikum ,

       As I wrote this entry , It has been three days I've been having this fever and still recovering from it. Within that three days, it has taught me a lot of lesson. It has changed me somehow from within.No, I'm not talking about my immune system and I'm now immune to some virus that have cause my fever. No ! not that ! I realised that live is short and fragile. One day , when the time comes, you will die and that's a fact. Everybody knows it and no one can deny it. But people tend to forget that vital thing when they are healthy and that includes me. We are so preoccupied with our daily life such as facebook-ing , twitter-ing , working to earn money for ourselves , studying all night long just to obtain a good grade in exam but for who ? All the things that we do is for who actually? Have you ever thought that you are here on Earth is actually to pray to Allah. Of course , I'm sure , some people had actually thought about that. They do indeed but only 5 times per day which is during their prayers. So how about the time during outside our prayers? when we are working? talking to friends? chatting on facebook , tweet on twitter or updating blog .. ? Do we actually remembers Him all the times?

Firman Allah SWT :

        Maksudnya:“Tidaklah Aku jadikan jin dan manusia, kecuali agar mereka beribadah kepada Ku”

(Az-Zariyat: 56)

     This predicament has given me the opportunity to look back at myself and for all the things  that I've done in this world. From now onward I really wanna change into a better mukmin. To change others , we have to change ourselves first and this will be my first step InsyaAllah. Ya Allah , give me the strength to uphold this path."Ya Allah yang membolak-balikkan hati, teguhkanlah hatiku atas agama-Mu”.


p/s : it's time to change my friend :)

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kamilkamaruddin said...

insyAllah..together we go through,toward being a better muslim...=)


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