Saturday, January 7, 2012

Titas and Improvement . . .


                           TITAS stands for "Tamadun Islam dan Tamaduan Asia Selatan" . Last Thursday , it was the finale for this season *for titas only*. As early as 8.30 a.m , Kamil and I  drove our sports car and parked it in front of the DATC. (flash back : last night studying titas like tuttt -.-') . We walked past the other students (from other faculty) and they seem to be looking at us suspiciously. Kamil assume that they must be talking about us. (something like this : "Tu dia budak2 medik dah sampai , tengok dari jauh pon dah nampak skemanya -_____-" ) . Ignoring them , I opened my beg and reached for the titas's revisi book , while doing that Kamil gave me a few input. He looks kinda like "Misbun Sidek" coaching Chong Wei and I'm like "Chong Wei" listening attentively knowing that I only managed to read 3 chapters out of 6 chapter in that book. The exam runs for 2 hours  and with "guards" all over the place."One slip could mean death". HAHA. Please don't asked me how tough the questions is?

*p/s : Actually, we don't have a sports car* xD

 #Thankskamilforthecoachingitreallyhelpedmealot. =) 

Episode 2 : 6/1/2012

                           Today have been a really busy day with two SGS occurring on the same day. *Btw , SGS stands for small group session*. SGS Physiology and SGS Biochemistry. The sgs for biochemistry starts after Friday prayer. Thanks to the Rengit bus *a free bus that take students to the faculty and back to the residential college* , I managed to reach my faculty as early as an angry bird. HEHE. You know what?  Here's the "interesting" part , upon reaching the pantry (that belong to medic students). Kamil and I saw many people were crowding in front of the notice board. Immediately , I knew that the result for the 2nd progress test is out. *Gulp* . Searching for my matrix number thoroughly on the list and.. Ahah! found it! huh? I couldn't believe my eyes at first but then.. Alhamdullilah , I got a 'B' for my second progress test. Yeah , I'd achieved my target to get a "B" for my 2nd progress test and I'm satisfied with it. Next target : to get an A for my 3rd progress test (MSK module). The momentum is there and I could feel it now. This positive result is timely as it shows improvement.Yeah , 'Improvement' , the one thing that I consistently wanna get in my life. "Success is other thing but to improve is great".

p/s : to those who fails , do not feel upset because "It doesn't matter where you start , what matter is where you end". Let's us rise again for the next test my friend =)

p/s II : thanks for reading this entry.

*meet Hamizul*
 -gambar ihsan facebook-

p/s III : To Hamizul : Gambar anda dah ada dalam blog aku. Puas ati ! hahaha


kamilkamaruddin said...

no one believe bout the sport need to 'p/s-p/s' laa..haha

btw,i just did what a fren shud do.semua org buat camtu la..huhu

Ahmad Taufiq said...

haha..mne lah tau ada org, hamizul tak tau lg gambar dia dah ade dlm blog aku..har3 =D

*kamsamida KK* =)

kamilkamaruddin said...

ngeh3..nanti ak promotkan kat dy..sentap dy aku xnak tanggung...hoho~

kamsamida?fadilah kamsah?masam?..=,='!

Ahmad Taufiq said...

abg hamizul~~ hahaha
comel nga mkn udang..har3 xD

kamsamida tu terima kasih lah..=)


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