Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sajak Untukmu Sahabat !

Andai hari ini engkau jatuh..
Janganlah engkau khuatir !
Percayalah sahabatku..
Aku akan sentiasa disampingmu..

 Dikala mana orang-orang disekelilingmu..
Aku masih disini tetap ada..
Untuk menyokongmu..

Wahai sahabatku !
Percayalah dan yakinlah..
Jika hari ini kita jatuh..
Pasti esok akan bangkit kembali..
Jatuh sekali tidak bermakna jatuh selamanya..

Memang benar kejayaan itu manis..
Tetapi ingatlah sahabatku !
Bangkit daripada kejatuhan itu adalah lebih manis..
La tahzan kerana dunia ini hanya sebuah persinggahan..
Kelak di akhirat sana yang abadi..
Moga persahabatan kita ini kekal hingga di akhirat sana..

p/s : sajak ini ku buat khas untuk para sahabatku..=)

Titas and Improvement . . .


                           TITAS stands for "Tamadun Islam dan Tamaduan Asia Selatan" . Last Thursday , it was the finale for this season *for titas only*. As early as 8.30 a.m , Kamil and I  drove our sports car and parked it in front of the DATC. (flash back : last night studying titas like tuttt -.-') . We walked past the other students (from other faculty) and they seem to be looking at us suspiciously. Kamil assume that they must be talking about us. (something like this : "Tu dia budak2 medik dah sampai , tengok dari jauh pon dah nampak skemanya -_____-" ) . Ignoring them , I opened my beg and reached for the titas's revisi book , while doing that Kamil gave me a few input. He looks kinda like "Misbun Sidek" coaching Chong Wei and I'm like "Chong Wei" listening attentively knowing that I only managed to read 3 chapters out of 6 chapter in that book. The exam runs for 2 hours  and with "guards" all over the place."One slip could mean death". HAHA. Please don't asked me how tough the questions is?

*p/s : Actually, we don't have a sports car* xD

 #Thankskamilforthecoachingitreallyhelpedmealot. =) 

Episode 2 : 6/1/2012

                           Today have been a really busy day with two SGS occurring on the same day. *Btw , SGS stands for small group session*. SGS Physiology and SGS Biochemistry. The sgs for biochemistry starts after Friday prayer. Thanks to the Rengit bus *a free bus that take students to the faculty and back to the residential college* , I managed to reach my faculty as early as an angry bird. HEHE. You know what?  Here's the "interesting" part , upon reaching the pantry (that belong to medic students). Kamil and I saw many people were crowding in front of the notice board. Immediately , I knew that the result for the 2nd progress test is out. *Gulp* . Searching for my matrix number thoroughly on the list and.. Ahah! found it! huh? I couldn't believe my eyes at first but then.. Alhamdullilah , I got a 'B' for my second progress test. Yeah , I'd achieved my target to get a "B" for my 2nd progress test and I'm satisfied with it. Next target : to get an A for my 3rd progress test (MSK module). The momentum is there and I could feel it now. This positive result is timely as it shows improvement.Yeah , 'Improvement' , the one thing that I consistently wanna get in my life. "Success is other thing but to improve is great".

p/s : to those who fails , do not feel upset because "It doesn't matter where you start , what matter is where you end". Let's us rise again for the next test my friend =)

p/s II : thanks for reading this entry.

*meet Hamizul*
 -gambar ihsan facebook-

p/s III : To Hamizul : Gambar anda dah ada dalam blog aku. Puas ati ! hahaha

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Thanks" shoutmix. . .

*Nothing is free in this world*

Assalamualaikum ,

                         Today , I had just realized that my chatbox is no longer functioning.*damn* Yeah , I'm talking about the chatbox on my side bar. When I pressed at the link given it says this :

Free service has to stop

Thanks for using ShoutMix for all these year. I have been providing free shoutboxes on the World Wide Web for over 7 years now. It wasn't long before I realized being 100% free is not sustainable. Just before ShoutMix's first birthday, it almost had to be closed.
ShoutMix has tried to work with the freemium business model ever since. Conversion rates were low with the first version. With the second version, things improved and I have had more paying customers. Fortunately people liked the service and started paying for more features.
With that in mind, the new third version was developed to make things better for free and paid users alike. It was developed with lots of feedback from users over the course of several years. Meanwhile my biggest goal remained: to improve conversion rate to keep things sustainable and profitable, all while making ShoutMix a really high quality product for everyone.
One of the most mentioned feedback was that the old free version was too restrictive. Others are less trivial, just make it better, more premium features, more powerful stuff, avatar support, real time push update, really good spam protection, support for really high traffic situations, etc.
Finally, in November 2011, the new version 3 was completed. It was launched successfully and very smoothly. It was a great moment.
During the first month since launch, the reception went really well. New sign ups are in the thousands daily. Just within a month, almost 50,000 users have signed up! Hundreds of thousands of messages posted. Over 10,000 users from Facebook. Generally, users loved the new version. The growth are massive.
So, what went bad?
The conversion rate did not go up. In fact it fell lower. Our stats show 99.93% of users either have no intention to upgrade or are just happy with our free service. Worst of all, some customers have actually stopped paying and switched to our free service! It may seems to be good news for everyone right now, but it is really bad news for all of us.
By offering too much with our free plan, we cannibalized our paid plans. Happy users did not make more paying customers. The projections are bad. Only 0.07% users are customers. These are the people who keep ShoutMix sustainable as a business. Business is the part making ShoutMix exists for everyone. If it keeps on going this way, ShoutMix will not be sustainable any more and will need to close down in the near future.
The freemium model is broken for us.
Some argued that ShoutMix can easily monetize its free service with ads. It has been tried, but the rates were terrible. Beautiful, unobstructive ads do not pay well for ShoutMix. We can probably do better with flashy popup ads, but no thank you. Our competitors do it with popup ads. But there is no way ShoutMix is going to commit such ugly sin.
ShoutMix is becoming more of a premium product. In fact it already has. ShoutMix is designed to be the best in the industry. With passion plus personal investments of time, money and labor of over 7 years, ShoutMix has outgrown the freemium model.
So where do we go from here?
I have two choices. One, allow ShoutMix to become unsustainable. This is bad news for everyone. The other choice is to stop our free service. It is becoming obvious that this is where ShoutMix should go. And so, ShoutMix is not going to be free any more.
Existing users will be able to continue using their accounts at no cost right now. The transition will begin within a few weeks. Eventually, users with free accounts will need to switch to a paying plan or stop using the service. The date is set at January 1, 2012. After this date, free accounts will stop working unless upgraded to a paid plan.
The good news is that ShoutMix will be available for only $0.99/month and will be available effective immediately. For our old version (the Classic) it will only be available in Premium package which costs approximately $1.67/month.
Existing customers are unaffected by all these changes. In fact, ShoutMix is going to be really awesome for our current and future customers. Our focus will be to make paying customers extremely happy and they will get 100% of our resources. If you are one of our customers, things are just going to get a lot better for you.
ShoutMix has always been a product with great passion. It is just unfortunate that it did not work out as a free product. We all have to move on. And ShoutMix will continue to be the most affordable, high quality and premium live chat software that everyone can use and love.

Snecx Tan
December 2011

*no longer available*

p/s : Now, I need to find another free chatbox. In the meantime , for those who like to comment please do so in any of my entry . Thank you . =)


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