Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crossroad. . .

Assalamualaikum ,

                     Yeah it has been a while since I last updated my blog *cliche*. By the way , I'm now in the MSK (Musculoskeletal) module. Things have not went according to plan or rather I didn't plan at all. *total loser* . I realized that my recent post have not been that positive. It's as though I've lost my motivation. Unfortunately , It is true , I've lost it. The enthusiasm that I had in me at the beginning is slowly fading. There are a lot of things to remember yet there are so little time. Final exam is coming nearer day by day..(5 weeks left).*I felt so left behind*

                      I'm sorry if you guys have to read this but it is true life as a medical student is tough. When I say "Tough" , I really mean it . no kidding . I realized there are so many things that I've yet to cover while the others have already done that. I wouldn't like to speculate things but they do leave me behind about a miles away.*Based on my point of view*  ("They" refers to my other colleagues).

                  Indeed it is my mistakes after all , take things for granted and like to revise topics on the eleventh hour. The disadvantage of being at home for me and few others is when we are at home , we tend to leave our books behind. We are busy doing other things rather than doing our revision. For example , as for me , when I'm at home , I would always give my full attention to my family. Family first . But doing that means I'll sacrifice my revision time. You see , It is like you are at a crossroad and you have to choose one of the route.Plus, I'm trying to prove that medical students do not always carries their books with them wherever they go.*It is proven if only I've got a proper planning i.e. proper time management*

               Despite that , I've not lost my passion to become a doctor one day. That passion have drive me to go through this thick time and push myself back to the so-called "optimum level".To do that I need to have PROPER TIME MANAGEMENT and DESIRE to succeed. After going through the General Module (GM) , now I began to cope with the stress and pressure of being a medical student. I know what I have to do to rectify my shortcomings. "The biggest enemy of you is your own self" . *Ya Allah , give me the strength and the will to do what I've to do and guide me through this crucial moment.*

New Year Resolution:

1. To change my attitude to become a better person. (hablum minallah wa hablu minannas)

2. To have a proper time management.

3. To score no less than a "B" for every progress test.

4. To get an "A" for this semester. (to score higher and maintain consistency for other semester.)

5. To do revision and assignment as early as possible. (priority)

6. To be a better son , better grandchildren , better nephew , better cousin , better mukmin , better friend , better student and a better person.

7. To be more motivated and confident.

8. To improve my interpersonal skills.

9. To be a successful person and being able to inspire others.

10. To get married after receiving my degree scroll *5 years from now* 

*New Year Resolution*


 p/s : I do like to spread joy to others by smiling but deep inside nobody knows except Allah :'(

p/s II : Yes ! 9 things that I need to achieve for my new year resolution. *The no.10 is not my main priority right now considering how I'm yet to have a stable life*  =)

p/s III : to all my colleagues , let's us struggle to achieve our goal that is to become a good doctor for the betterment of the Ummah.

p/s IV :thanks for reading this entry. Happy New Year !~ (^_^)



RNS said...

"when I'm at home , I would always give my full attention to my family. Family first"

Yeah, same goes with me. I felt that too.

My 3rd year senior ada cakap: everyday pastikan after lecture, update your notes on that topic. Kalau x, you wont have time to revise back all the books when comes to exam.
For me, being a medical student is all about how you disciplined yourself and at the same time try to always think positive in whatever circumstances. Mind power is very crucial coz there's a lot of stres if cant control it.
One more thing nak kongsi, try cari buku Prof. Dr. Muhaya "HOW TO BECOME A GOOD & SUCCESSFUL MEDICAL STUDENT"
I've read that book and seriously i gained lots of motivation from her writing. InsyaAllah nanti RNS akan cuba buat review tentang buku tu. Best of luck ye! ;)

Ahmad Taufiq said...

Thanks RNS for the advice , really appreciate it.. =)


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