Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In between "kepak-kepak" and medicine~


              Last week have been "awesome"..why "awesome" ? I'll explain it through out this entry...First and foremost , It was awesome because it's the day where I officially registered in UiTM as a medical student...( YAY !!)..Secondly , It was the orientation week a.k.a minggu destini siswa..There were many things that we did during the week...there were briefing , filling up registration form , briefing , opening ceremony by Vice Chancellor of UiTM , briefing again....and all sort of briefing continued through out the week. yup , of course I did fall asleep between those briefings..hahaha

         The Dato' Vice Chancellor have given such an inspirational speech about "Destini Anak Bangsa"..I didn't see any racial remark in any of his speech..then came Y.B. Dato Razali Bin Ibrahim representing the goverment in the slot " Taklimat bersama Tokoh"...As you know , university students like us are bound to Akta Universiti (AUKU) that forbid any student from involving in politics..that does not include them (referring to the government) so they are free to come here and give a speech about politics..However , in UiTM there's Akta 174 replacing the AUKU but still contain the same rules..Y.B Dato' Razali has talk about merdeka...then come the Mat Indera case...and Mat Sabu..I just don't get it with these politics guys...they came to university to give this kind of speech than bound us from saying anything...not trying to politicise here but how can they repeatedly said that the student should be very thankful to the government for offering them a scholarship and providing many facilities to the students...It's really irritate me because they are saying as though the money came from the government where it's actually coming from the people (rakyat)...DONE !


Part 2

            The seniors have been very kind in a fierce way and also helpful...There was one night where we were forced to wake up at 1.30 a.m while we had just slept at 1 o'clock in the morning..and I kinda confused at that time not knowing what's going to happen make matter worst I even forgot to wear my spectacle...Thus , I was like a semi-blinded person running towards the field...yup, we were instructed to gather at the field that night...we were scolded for a mistake made by some other students...we had to do star-jump..and squat down until 3.30 a.m..It was very tiring and it's shown clearly when I slept during the speech by the VC..hehe

        Other than that I would like to acknowledge the seniors for their patient , dedication and perseverance in dealing with us..we would like to apologies if we have done wrong and thank you so much for helping us during the registration process..Things weren't so bad as it looks because the seniors are very sporting actually , only sometimes when we did something wrong (from their point of view) , they got angry like an angry bird... erm...For those who wanna know what's "kepak-kepak" had to do with this entry...It's actually our residential college cheers and it goes like this , "tepuk perindu... tepuk sekali... tepuk dua kali...tepuk amai-amai..belalang kupu-kupu... tepuk adik pandai...kita no.1... kolej perindu... kepak3x~  kolej perindu...  kepak3x~~  wooo!!!~ "

p/s : I'm now staying at Kolej Kenanga ( for medicine and dentistry students)

  Kolej Kenanga ( 2 students per room )

Farhan's stuff

my section of the room !

Till then see ya~~

p/s : As a university student , we need to have a critical thinking so that when the government or the opposition brought up an issue to us..we find the related evidence  of the issue , search from the root of the issue and only agree when it is right and disagree when it is wrong. (Solely based on my own opinion)


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