Friday, July 1, 2011

Pre-medicine UiTM (MBS 099)

Assalamualaikum ,

For the past five weeks I've been attending a short course called Pre-medicine in USA (UiTM Shah Alam..haha). So basically, the main objective of this course is to expose the students to the medical field. This entry is very useful for the junior that will be offer to attend this pre-med course ( I know you gonna read this!! haha).

Let me summaries what happened during the 5 weeks course:-

1. You will learn three subjects (anatomy , biochemistry and physiology).

2. You will get a module guide (timetable)

The module guide

3. ECE visit (Early Clinical exposure)

-You will be visiting Hospital Sg. Buloh , Hospital Selayang and Klinik Kesihatan Tmn Ehsan/Sg. Buloh.

-You will stand a chance to see the real life of a doctor and don't forget to ask around.

Hospital Sg. Buloh

Hospital Selayang

4. There will be three test at the end of this course. (oh no!!! not the test~~~)

Student Assessment

My Table~~

a) OSPE exam :-

-OSPE exam is an exam where there are 14 station in a lab and you must go through this station and answer each question in every station. So it's kinda like walking around the lab during your practical.

-10 stations will have a question where as the other 4 stations you just have to relax because it's the REST station.

-oh..and don't forget to bring your lab coat and your matrix card.

Matrix card

b) MCQ (Mutiple Choice Question) :-

- The will be 30 question with 5 sub-questions.

-one correct answer you will get 1 mark. wrong answer will be deducted by 1/2 mark.

-the trick is simple if you don't know the answer , just leave it blank..(Hahhahaha) but seriously! Leave it blank or else if you answer it wrongly you lose half mark. So it's either you answer it or don't ! Understand?


c) SAQ (Short Answer Question) :-

-there will be 3 questions.Answer it all. (30 marks)

-it's kinda like subjective essay question.

-eg: Describe the metabolism of bilirubin. (10 marks)

5. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seriously just enjoy can go to the Pusat Sukan UiTM in the evening to play)

6. Don't worry about the exam because it's just the beginning of your five years in med school.(It's an exposure by the way)

7. By the way , If you already got invited to this course that means you're 99.9 % in the faculty but you need to pass the exam at least to get the edge against others. Good luck !!! :D

All the best !!!

p/s : hope this post will help the junior that will be attending this course in the future . (teehee)

p/s II : hopefully I'll get the chance to enter med faculty in UiTM this coming september~~

p/s III : If you become my junior don't forget to say "Hi" . LOL


wawa najwa said...

nice :)

Diary oF Mine said...

future doctor ey?? good luck! :)

i am ain said...

ahahaha USA eh? awesome :D

Ahmad Taufiq said...

thanks!! =)

♥GAdiSMeRaHJaMbU♥ said...

good night doctor-to-be! (^^,)

Ahmad Fauzan said...

betul ke ni???mcm x percaye je.....

Ahmad Taufiq said...

Fauzannnnnnn!!!! hahaha xD

eLLa n aLia said...

i want it!!!!...

naqib rahim said...

salam, sebenar-benarnye, pre-med ni ade efek intake UPU univ lain (cth: UM,UKM) x? kalau xnak datang boleh ke? ade elaun?

terima kasih :)

Ahmad Taufiq said...

pre-med ni kalo tak dtg cuma akn effect peluang utk sambung medik kt uitm nanti..kalo masuk premed sekalipun ia takkn menjejaskn peluang utk dpt uni yg lbih baik masok utk gain experience..n lagi satu takde elaun utk pre-med ni tp knowledge lbih berharga kn? :D

RASalleh said...

it helps me a lot! thanks! i'm quite nervous about this pre-medic and your writing was soooo good! :)thanks ya!

Anonymous said...

masuk pre med ni kena bayar pape x?? or is it free??

Ahmad Taufiq said...

masuk pre-med ni percuma, tak perlu bayar apa2.

Aifa Nadhirah said...

nak tnya!nak tnya!:) kelas ada tiap2 hari erk?? hujung minggu ada apa2 program x??^^

Ahmad Taufiq said...

weekdays je ada kelas..hari sabtu ngn ahad free..takde kelas :)

Nurul Afifah said...

Assalamualaikum wbt. Sy skrg blaja dkt palam, found in sc. Nak tanye, utk pre med ni, kite bole apply ordie offer utk kte?

Ahmad Taufiq said...

Nurul Afifah: Waalaikumussalam. sorry, lambat reply, baru perasan.basically pre-med ni dia akan offer lps dapat result so tak perlu apply. :)

simanamazi said...

nak tanya berapa lama baru dapat keputusan dapat premed or tak.. and apa kelayakannya

Ahmad Taufiq said...

simanamazi: lebih kurang sebulan lepas dapat keputusan final exam asasi, nanti pihak asasi akan call atau bagi surat tawaran utk amik pre-med. Syarat kelayakan, based on sebelum ni, mesti at least CGPA 3.5 ke atas.

Harap membantu. :)

Nur Shamida said...

Erm nak tanya. Yang dapat pre med ni just dari asasi PALAM je ke?

Aku Khairina said...

salam senior. I have gotten the oppurtunity for doing premed for this year.May I ask, do we need to bring certain books maybe like biology or something? Thank you so much :)

Fathin NurShahirah said...

Assalam.. Nak tny, pre med ni apply bulan berapa ya? Im from Foundy in Sc, Uitm. atau nanti ada di wara2 kan ke...?


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