Friday, March 18, 2011

Last entry in Puncak Alam !

As I woke up this morning , I immediately saw a beautiful scene through my window...I was amazed for "a complete cycle of a pendulum" or maybe two or three cycle..I couldn't remember..Anyway , it was just an estimation.. so I captured the scene and put it in my blog..The picture shown above is the scene that I was mentioning.. I know that today will be the last day I'm here as tomorrow afternoon..12 o'clock sharp..I'll be going home...Frankly speaking , I'm very excited and happy because tomorrow I'll be back at my home sweet home with my family but there is apart of me..which are very sad...and I know all my friends felt the same , although some of them might be hiding it from others..UiTM Puncak Alam have been my second home for the past two semester ( 1 year)... There have been ups and downs along the journey...and it serves me with much experience...I'll be missing my friends and lecturers..I still remembered a few quote from my lecturers...

Dr. Rozana (Chemistry) : "You have been warned!!"..followed by an elegant laugh (ha ha ha)*

*(refering to the upcoming test)

Encik Latiff (Maths) : "My life is over but yours is just about to begin.."*

*(He said this during the last day of lecture)

Prof. Hj Ahmad (Physics) : Comprende???*

*(word in Spanish means understand??)

Pn. Mazhani (Biology) : ha chapter ni mudah sangat...* ( This chapter is very easy)

*(the fact that she always says this in every chapter making me and everyone feel Biology is "simple".)

Hmm.. I'm now a post-asasi student waiting for the result that will be out on 11th April 2011..okay , I'm done writing here...I've said what I wanna say, now it's your turn~~~~~

Done !!!

p/s : tomorrow I got MUnSyI test !!!! (^_^)


Anonymous said...

ohh... ambil munsyi jgk rupenye... semoga cuti ini memberi manfaat...

miss keila said...

puncak alam~~ dekat la dgn unisel bj..:)

Ahmad Taufiq said...

tqaroslan : yup, smoge cuti ini memberi manfaat utk anda jua.. =)

miss keila : yea mmg dkt~~ :D

Eien Mohmad said...

woww~ puncak alam! rindu sini );


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