Thursday, February 10, 2011

The end is near. . .

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!!!

As I wrote on this blog the Egypt is still in crisis..people are protesting on the street..chanting for the president , Hosni Mubarak to step down. For those who don't have any idea what had happened in Egypt, I'll explain briefly about the situation there. Actually the mass protest in Egypt was triggered by the success of the Tunisian in overthrowing their president , Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali by demonstration on the street. After 23 years of autocratic rule, Ben Ali is finally fall on 14 January 2011.This event has provide inspiration to protest movements in other parts of the region including Egypt. Similarly, Hosni Mubarak has rule Egypt for over 30 years. He is described as Pro-American , Pro-Israel and Pro-West.Under his ruling years, the Rafah border crossing has been strictly monitored and it has become difficult for the humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. Thus , I strongly support the Egyptian movement to overthrow their president and hope that if a new government is form , it will be more pro-Islamic.


Speaking of crisis, I was shocked today as I read The Star Online. It's written that "An average of 60 suicides per months in the country".Malaysia is indeed in crisis ! What is wrong with Malaysian nowadays? Don't you know that suicide will not solve any problem and it's also a huge sin. You may feel that by conducting suicide you are "safe" from the problem occurs in this world but don't forget you will not be safe in the hereafter.You will soon be questioned for what you have done in this world.So think about it before you resort to kill yourself.Understand ! For more info on this issue please refer to The Star Online.

Okay , now lets put that issue aside and focus on my issue. Only 5 weeks left before I "graduated" from my foundation. All the lab report, tutorials and presentations have been done, now the only thing left is the 'EXAM'.

Test II is will be held as follow :

24th February 2011 : Chemistry

28th February 2011 : Physics

1st March 2011 : Mathematics

3rd March 2011 : Biology


10th March 2011 : Mathematics

11th March 2011 : Chemistry

14th March 2011 : Biology

17th March 2011 : Physics

mood : focus on revision !

p/s : pray for my success~~~

p/s II : 18th March 2011 (completed my Foundation in Science)



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