Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm back!!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!!!

I’m back !!! hehe xD

Yes , it have been three weeks since I last updated my blog and I’m quite sure all of you are wondering what had happened for the last three weeks??? Wonder no more because I’m here to “fulfill” all your curiosity. As what I’ve written in my last entry , last two weeks I’d Test I and I’ve also obtained the result. The result has clearly shown a warning a poison dart frog acquired aposematic coloration or warning colour to warn it’s predator. Physics have been the lowest marks among the four subjects. There is no reason for failures , but then if I could named a few , I will have said that I’d fever two days before physics test and still having fever while doing the test. In fact, I didn’t have a chance to cover all the syllabus because of the fever. Still you can’t blame a fever for not having a good I right?? Yea of course..there’s always a silver lining behind every clouds. So I’d learnt to accept the failure and move on.

Poison dart frog

For the other three subjects, biology , chemistry and maths have been an impressive result. Hmm..Speaking about result , I’d also obtained my muet’s result . Alhamdulillah , It has passed the minimum requirement to enter medic faculty in USM. In addition , last week I've also done the last experiment for biology..It seems like everything is going to end soon. No more slides to observed. No more lab report after this~~~

Slide: Inflammation of appendix

Furthermore , I’ve also register for the UPU and Pohon@USM phase 1. Now , all I can do is to study hard & smart, pray and tawakal to Allah in order for me to achieve CGPA 4.00 , InsyaAllah..Only 8 weeks left before the end of my foundation..It have been a great moment studying in UiTM Puncak Alam , It’s hard for me to leave this place but soon I must... T.T

The key to success

"You wouldn't know what lies ahead"..Life goes on~~~~

Yes, that's my dad.

p/s : suddenly I remembered about the wonderful moment in high school , sharing nips during recess with classmates. (^_^)



Nurul 'U' said...

woaa....kampung kat kedah ke?cantik giler!!!! :O

Ahmad Taufiq said...

tak kt sabak bernam..berhenti kt bendang utk amek gmbr~~ cantik kn :)

Gluck Yusof said...

goodluck for the final exam! hehe hello junior :)


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