Thursday, December 23, 2010

a week full of *excitement.. (*assignment)

Yes , a week full of excitement assignment !!! It had been a tiring week..lab report , physics presentation , tutorial question and etc...Speaking about physics presentation , we were assigned to present our lab report for about 10 basically our experiment is about convex lens. What is convex lens ??? A convex lens is a lens having at least one surface that curves outward like the exterior of a sphere. The related informations are shown below :

Experiment 2 : Convex lens


Properties & Application of convex lens

The assignment didn't stopped just yet but continued throughout our one week semester break..

SEMESTER BREAK's things-to-do-list :

1. Biology lab report

2. Chemistry lab report

3. Physics assignment (Lens)

4. Biology assignment ( Ecology)

5. Maths tutorial

6. Chemistry tutorial

7. Physics tutorial

8. Holiday !! (rest)

This is gonna be an "awesome" semester break!!

Semester break !!!! Hooray !! =)

Amid the "excitement"...not to forget 'Test I' !!!!

Test One :

8th January 2010 (Saturday) : MAT 098 & BIO 096

11th January 2010 ( Tuesday) : CHM 095

13th January 2010 (Thursday) : PHY 097

so the no.8 on the things-to-do-list will be :

8. Holiday !! (rest) REVISIONS!!!

Dejected Alex Ferguson !!! :(

p/s : happy doing assignment everyone !!! xD

p/s II : Boo~ Alex Ferguson!! haha


atien said...

happy bercuti ngn asgment.. hehe..
p/s : boo alex ferguson! :P

Ahmad Taufiq said...

happy ber'assignment' tuk ain jgk..hehe xD

dayanaazhar:) said...

takpe takpe bersusah dahulu bersenang lenang kemudian.


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