Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tribute to Charlie !

Charlie who??? charlie's angel?? NO ! or is it Charlie Chaplin ?? WRONG !!


Rove beetle a.k.a charlie..scientific name : Staphylinidae .

Charlie !!!!

The cunning !! venomous !!! Good in camouflage insect!!!

The no. 1 insect that students try to avoid direct contact with in UiTM Puncak Alam and several other universities I suppose.

Facts :

-Only less than 1 cm long.

-Their bodies contain the toxin paederin (hence paederous dermatitis) that causes burn on human skin whenever they are crushed.

-During daytime, the beetle will be seen crawling around swiftly with hidden wings resembling ants.

-When disturbed it raises the abdomen in a threatening gesture like a scorpion and can fly away.

-Attracted to light.

-Can run on water swiftly.

-It is carnivorous and eat small insects.

-Even The Star had once reported about it.

Thus , I urged all of you to be very wary !!! Beware !!! The Dark side has returned !!!!

This annoying insects can also be found at the "bt. caves" stairs...under my pillow..on my the toilet...inside my shoes...they are everywhere...

Now, before I slept I'll have to check on my bed and under my pillow..I even brush my bed with my blanket to ensure that I'm absolutely safe to sleep on my bed.

This is why I post this paid tribute to charlie the bug that had made me and my roommate in psychological trauma...thanks a lot!!!

P/S: Many of us had barely survive by a scar!!! Others may be fortunate that includes me..
Yet !!!

mood - suspense !!!


laila said...

sy pernah kena gigit ngn benda nie, kat muka.kesan dia sampai sekarang.huuu...

Ahmad Taufiq said...

charlie skrg semakin berleluasa...hehe

milah hasan said...

hey.. when i was at upm, bende ni ade woooo... then, masok usm pon ade gak... tp upm lg byk.. maybe sbb byk ladang kot... huk3.. pernah kene.. merentasi batang idong.. seminggu hilang anggun.. hehe


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