Monday, December 6, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah - Awal Muharram 1432H !

Salam Alaik !!!

New year 1432 H !!!! Alhamdullilah , grateful to Allah we are still here in this world..still breathing...alive..healthy..Allah has give us a second chance to redeem ourselves. If we talked about Hijrah, it goes back to the time when Prophet Muhammad and Islamic Ummah traveled from Mecca to Medina (once called Yathrib). Many obstacle and barrier encountered along the journey but Prophet Muhammad was very determined to spread Islam in Medina. From Medina, Islam is spread across the Arab continent and to the whole world. We should take lesson from the Hijrah event. Let this new year be better than last year..Let's "hijrah" to be a better person.

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri"
(Surah ar-ra'd,13:ayat 11)

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