Thursday, December 23, 2010

a week full of *excitement.. (*assignment)

Yes , a week full of excitement assignment !!! It had been a tiring week..lab report , physics presentation , tutorial question and etc...Speaking about physics presentation , we were assigned to present our lab report for about 10 basically our experiment is about convex lens. What is convex lens ??? A convex lens is a lens having at least one surface that curves outward like the exterior of a sphere. The related informations are shown below :

Experiment 2 : Convex lens


Properties & Application of convex lens

The assignment didn't stopped just yet but continued throughout our one week semester break..

SEMESTER BREAK's things-to-do-list :

1. Biology lab report

2. Chemistry lab report

3. Physics assignment (Lens)

4. Biology assignment ( Ecology)

5. Maths tutorial

6. Chemistry tutorial

7. Physics tutorial

8. Holiday !! (rest)

This is gonna be an "awesome" semester break!!

Semester break !!!! Hooray !! =)

Amid the "excitement"...not to forget 'Test I' !!!!

Test One :

8th January 2010 (Saturday) : MAT 098 & BIO 096

11th January 2010 ( Tuesday) : CHM 095

13th January 2010 (Thursday) : PHY 097

so the no.8 on the things-to-do-list will be :

8. Holiday !! (rest) REVISIONS!!!

Dejected Alex Ferguson !!! :(

p/s : happy doing assignment everyone !!! xD

p/s II : Boo~ Alex Ferguson!! haha

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mist. . .

It was a cold morning , I was walking down the pavement..a stream of wind rushed through me made me shivered..I tucked my lab coat close to me..thick mist is developing around me..It's common in my campus to have a mist in the morning since it's located at the "peak of the world".That day I just knew that I'm gonna find something..There something about this mist that isn't what's transpire behind this mist ??? Join me to seek the truth hidden behind this mystical mist...

Part 1

That day , I've tutorial class on maths subject at FF4 on the 8th floor..Since the tutor did not came yet , I took a stroll past the hallway..As I was walking gleefully down the hallway , suddenly I saw this mysterious structure located hidden behind the FSK 6 building..

the hidden structure

I'd managed to capture the picture of the structure and zoom it 3x..I was shocked because actually I've discovered a nuclear reactor inside my campus. Yes , a nuclear reactor!!! I still couldn't believe my eyes..UiTM is enriching a uranium??? Knowing this has give me a dreadful feeling as if a thousands knife is stabbed behind my back. No wonder my campus is located in an isolated place..All this while , they've been building a nuclear reactor hidden from the world.

The nuclear reactor

Part 2

The day past without any incident..I've been thinking back then , it's not so bad having a nuclear reactor inside a campus except for a severe casualties in case the nuclear reactor explode. Besides , I've a few brilliant idea on how to use the nuclear reactor for a good purpose. First , we can build a cable car powered by the nuclear reactor. Thus , making it easier for the student to go back and forth from the hostel to the lecture room. Secondly , we can also build a monorail so that students can move around the campus swiftly. Thirdly , maybe we can also build a tram just like the one in Penang..but if we want to cut cost , an escalator will be good too..No more "Bt. Caves stairs"..hehe

"Bt. caves stairs"

p/s : to US , don't you dare try to attack us..we are not building a nuclear weapon !

p/s II : there is no nuclear reactor in UiTM Puncak Alam !

p/s III : if and only if...

mood - imaginative =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

something strange....

I got a bad feeling before I entered my room...I was very nervous , I don't know why...because of that I hastily tried to unlocked the door and the key fall onto the floor ...I picked up the key and tried the second works..but.....the moment I swung open the door..(krreeekkK!!!)..There was this mysterious "thing" be precise a "floating object" located near the end of my bed...I was shocked and confused at the same time...then I saw this on the floor..

unknown sample

Without further delay, I took the sample and did a chemical test...The result is positive...It was indeed just a dust...but then why is it blue and pink in colour??? and then came the thought, who did this???? *suspense*

I used all the scientific knowledge I got and draw a conclusion..Now , I know what's that floating object was??? It was.....

It was actually a brand new notice board !!! The dust was due to the drilling of the wall..hahaha

A brand new notice board !!

Hooray !!!! we got a new notice board !!! ( I cried joyfully ) Yet , little did I know that it was a brief happy moment because then I've to decide how to divide it into two equal section for me and my roommate..After few consideration and to avoid a conflict later on , I have cleverly divided it into two equal section as shown on the figure below :

The border

You may wonder how's that be fair..well , you should consider where the notice board is located..near my right it should be mine but I generously give 30 % of it to Fiqry..Even if this case is brought to the world court , they'll definitely agree with me..

p/s: to fiqry - just joking !!!hehe xD

mood - excited !!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah - Awal Muharram 1432H !

Salam Alaik !!!

New year 1432 H !!!! Alhamdullilah , grateful to Allah we are still here in this world..still breathing...alive..healthy..Allah has give us a second chance to redeem ourselves. If we talked about Hijrah, it goes back to the time when Prophet Muhammad and Islamic Ummah traveled from Mecca to Medina (once called Yathrib). Many obstacle and barrier encountered along the journey but Prophet Muhammad was very determined to spread Islam in Medina. From Medina, Islam is spread across the Arab continent and to the whole world. We should take lesson from the Hijrah event. Let this new year be better than last year..Let's "hijrah" to be a better person.

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri"
(Surah ar-ra'd,13:ayat 11)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tribute to Charlie !

Charlie who??? charlie's angel?? NO ! or is it Charlie Chaplin ?? WRONG !!


Rove beetle a.k.a charlie..scientific name : Staphylinidae .

Charlie !!!!

The cunning !! venomous !!! Good in camouflage insect!!!

The no. 1 insect that students try to avoid direct contact with in UiTM Puncak Alam and several other universities I suppose.

Facts :

-Only less than 1 cm long.

-Their bodies contain the toxin paederin (hence paederous dermatitis) that causes burn on human skin whenever they are crushed.

-During daytime, the beetle will be seen crawling around swiftly with hidden wings resembling ants.

-When disturbed it raises the abdomen in a threatening gesture like a scorpion and can fly away.

-Attracted to light.

-Can run on water swiftly.

-It is carnivorous and eat small insects.

-Even The Star had once reported about it.

Thus , I urged all of you to be very wary !!! Beware !!! The Dark side has returned !!!!

This annoying insects can also be found at the "bt. caves" stairs...under my pillow..on my the toilet...inside my shoes...they are everywhere...

Now, before I slept I'll have to check on my bed and under my pillow..I even brush my bed with my blanket to ensure that I'm absolutely safe to sleep on my bed.

This is why I post this paid tribute to charlie the bug that had made me and my roommate in psychological trauma...thanks a lot!!!

P/S: Many of us had barely survive by a scar!!! Others may be fortunate that includes me..
Yet !!!

mood - suspense !!!


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