Friday, November 26, 2010

2nd Sem : Day 5 (Week 1)

It's Friday !!! That means I've been here for one week now. Thirteen more weeks to go~~~
Ok. What I'm gonna post today has nothing to do with anything except Mosquitoes!!!

yup mosquitoes!! The tiny little creature. Why???
Because today as I walked to my lecture room, I spotted this banner about "Cemuh Denggi".

I found it very ridiculous and funny.Why do we need to insult the mosquito???They're also one of the God's creation.Yes, they suck blood from human and spread diseases but just because of that its doesnt give us rights to oust them..destroy their home..kill their larvae..Once again I asked you "Why???"
Where is our humanity???

Ironically , we do have some similarities with mosquitoes. First, we said mosquitoes are bad because they sucks blood..we also have human who "sucks blood" or rather in malay we call it "cekik darah". Don't believe me??? Well, just walk to the nearest grocery shop and ask for a packet of sugar.They'll sell the sugar two to three times the real price of the sugar.

Secondly , we said mosquitoes spread disease.Among us also have people who spread diseases that is far more worst than dengue.Take for example, HIV,AIDS,HINI & etc.Thirdly , we said mosquitoes make annoying loud noise behind our ears...Then, how about people who like to talk bad about other (gossip)..Isn't that hurts our ears to hear it??

Conclusion :

Some human are bad =mosquitoes are bad

Some human = mosquitoes

Some human are mosquitoes

mood : cynical !!


Hidayah Hanif said...

nyamuk=taufiq busuk..;p

Ahmad Taufiq said...

nyamuk toncet= kakak toncet !!! xD haha

atien said...

taufiq = mosquito.. hehe.. :P

Ahmad Taufiq said...

lg satu nyamuk hinggap kt sini..=)))


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