Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's all done!!!!!!!


For the past few days, I've been filling up the UPU forms and etc and it is finally over...now, I leave it to Allah to decide which is the best for me...I have also attended an exhibition called "Selangkah ke UiTM" at Kompleks Belia dan Kebudayaan, Shah Alam with my father...There, they said in order to take MBBS..I must first take the foundation in science at UiTM for about two semester( 1 year)...and get minimum CGPA of 3.5..but usually you have to get 3.8 and above because the competition is high...I hope I will get this one...hee~

P/S : Good luck and all the best to my friends out there who are still searching for their course...My advise is choose it carefully and be sure that you are interested in that course...and do remember "It doesn't matter where you start , what matter is where you end"...Teehee ^_^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!

After three months of waiting finally SPM result is out!!!! Alhamdullilah, I managed to get 8 A's and 3 B's...It was a relief and although I did not get straight A's , I'm very grateful for what I got...as my principle is "Failure is not the end , instead failure is the beginning of many more successes"....I would like to congratulate my cousin, Mikhail whom got straight A's...keep it up and I'll be there to catch up...haha...and to my rival "ehem2" don't forget our deal...hee~

Next move, doing some research about my option!!!!

P/S : Thanks to my family and friends and also my teachers for always being there to support me...Thank you very much!!!! Teehee XD


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