Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The second SEM...

This is d 2nd semester and d last semester for me in STAR..it has been a great moment in this school..maybe next year,I'll be here for form six or maybe nt..but d important thing is I want to pursue my ambition to become a cardiologist..n for d second term resolution..I will work extra hard to boost my knowledge on d 11 subjects that includes tassawur islam..I really hope I could achieve something for my beloved school..

Oh ya, for my frenz out thr..I want to remind all of u again that SPM is coming nearer..n this is our future so think about it,okay...ha before I forget my rival "nenek" a.k.a. siti nadia bt hasnan,be ready okay..this sem, I won't give u chances anymore..get ready for "the battle to come"!!!

Adios facebook n blog..n hello BOOKS...Revise!!!!!

1 comment:

ShadowVenture said...

Eh..thought you stopped blogging for the time being for quite some time d? lol. Anyway, good luck with your battle. Wish me like in mine. :)


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