Sunday, March 8, 2009

Band 8 not Ben 10

It's all started when Kiri, Azree, Dominic n I decided to enter the talent time competition for the English week...At first we decided to put on a sketch but later,I suggested we could do some singing...coz obviously we all could sing except 4 dominic :p.....on that day we named our group band aid...why??b'coz dominic gave that stupid idea....later, we change it to band 4 the choice of song...from all the suggestion finally,we decided to take a song from westlife called "flying without wing"better than love story..(duh),last thursday..."it's show time!!!!" we sang perfectly...(except for dominic)...I think Pn.Norli likes's all going smoothly until......the part where dominic sang..("oh crap") I whispered to myself..."is this the end of the world???" the end of the day it turns out to be at least we have fun..isn't it right dominic????

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